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Black Fashion Futures

6-Week Programme Dedicated Supporting Black Students, Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

Black Fashion Futures is a Free 6-Week programme dedicated to supporting black students, professionals and entrepreneurs through live webinars, Q&A sessions, resources + tools. All participants on the programme will have the opportunity to learn from fashion academics, industry professionals and entrepreneurs.

How does it work?


  • The webinars will take place twice a week via Zoom

  • There will also be an online forum where resources + further information will be shared, the group is also an opportunity for students to ask questions and engage with other student and build a network.

Programme topics:


  • Things You Should Know About the Industry The Gatekeepers Fail To Share

  • How To Move Up The Career Ladder

  • How to Get Good Grades

  • You Don’t Need Fashion School to Make it

  • Why Your Last Name Should Not Stop you From Succeeding

  • How To Negotiate 

  • How To Deal With Bullying From Managers, Colleagues, Teachers Or Classmates

  • How To Manage Your Finances 

  • Building A Personal Brand

  • How To Fit In Without Selling Out

  • How To Set Boundaries

  • Managing A Strong Reputation

  • How To Network With People From All Races

  • The ‘Perfect’ CV And Cover Letter

  • Creating Your Own Opportunities

  • How To Find a Job And Internship

  • How To Carry Out Work Experience Yet Still Pay The Bills

  • Fashion Careers You Should Consider

  • How To Become Better At Public Speaking And Presenting

  • How To Communicate Effectively Verbally And Nonverbally

When does the programme Start?


June 22nd


Applications are open from June 1st and close June 15th, 5pm UK time. To be accepted onto the programme you need to provide us with the following: Instagram Account handle and LinkedIn Profile (please ensure you have a picture). This will help us verify your application. Our online forum is via LinkedIn so you must ensure you have a platform. 

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